Pew Sheet for 5th September

United Benefice of St Bartholomew

Lower Cam with Coaley






Sept 5th Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity

9.30am Parish Communion (Co)

Revd. Rob Axford

11.00am Family Communion (LC)

Revd. Peter Fewings


September 7th  

9.30am Morning Prayer (LC)


September 8th     

10.00am Holy Communion (LC)

8.00pm Zoom Service of Compline


September 12th Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity

9.30am Parish Communion (Co)

Revd. Christine Axford

11.00am Parish Communion (LC)  

Revd. Peter Fewings





Merciful God, your Son came to save us and bore our sins on the cross: may we trust in your mercy and know your love, rejoicing in the righteousness that is ours through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.



Father of mercy:

let your kingdom come.


In your prayers this week could you pray for our five overseas partner Dioceses especially today the Diocese of Karnataka Central and for Churches Together, St. Bartholomew’s, Coaley.


Post Communion

Lord God, the source of truth and love, keep us faithful to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship,
united in prayer and the breaking of bread, and one in joy and simplicity of heart, in Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.


First Reading – Isaiah 35 v4-7a


4 Say to those who are of a fearful heart,
“Be strong, do not fear!  Here is your God.
He will come with vengeance, with terrible recompense.  He will come and save you.”

Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
and the ears of the deaf unstopped;
then the lame shall leap like a deer,
and the tongue of the speechless sing for joy.
For waters shall break forth in the wilderness,
and streams in the desert;
the burning sand shall become a pool, and the thirsty ground springs of water; the haunt of jackals shall become a swamp, the grass shall become reeds and rushes.

Gospel Reading – Mark 7 v24-end


24 From there he set out and went away to the region of Tyre.  He entered a house and did not want anyone to know he was there.  Yet he could not escape notice, 25 but a woman whose little daughter had an unclean spirit immediately heard about him, and she came and bowed down at his feet.  26 Now the woman was a Gentile, of Syrophoenician origin.  She begged him to cast the demon out of her daughter. 27 He said to her, “Let the children be fed first, for it is not fair to take the children’s food and throw it to the dogs.”  28 But she answered him, “Sir, even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.”  29 Then he said to her, “For saying that, you may go—the demon has left your daughter.”  30 So she went home, found the child lying on the bed, and the demon gone.  31 Then he returned from the region of Tyre, and went by way of Sidon towards the Sea of Galilee, in the region of the Decapolis.  32 They brought to him a deaf man who had an impediment in his speech; and they begged him to lay his hand on him.  33 He took him aside in private, away from the crowd, and put his fingers into his ears, and he spat and touched his tongue.  34 Then looking up to heaven, he sighed and said to him, “Ephphatha,” that is, “Be opened.”  35 And immediately his ears were opened, his tongue was released, and he spoke plainly.  36 Then Jesus ordered them to tell no one; but the more he ordered them, the more zealously they proclaimed it.  37 They were astounded beyond measure, saying, “He has done everything well; he even makes the deaf to hear and the mute to speak.”

September 10thMagazine notes to Barbara or Gill please


September 11th – Historic Churches Trust Annual Ride and Stride – if anybody would like to sponsor Sarah and Emily who are cycling this year, please contact them by email (below) or please see their sponsorship form at the back of church. Many thanks.


September 19th – 3.00pm – Music and Cake in Coaley Church (Co)


September 26th – 12.30pm – Baptism of Leon Symonds (LC)


September 26th – 4.00pm – Harvest Songs of Praise (Co)


If anybody would like to sponsor the colour front cover of the Church Magazine, please contact Gill or Barbara.  Many thanks.


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