News: Church open for private prayer

The church is now open during the day for private prayer. In Tuesday and Thursday from 10-11 either Rev Sue or Rev Peter will be there. Please be aware that parts of the churhc are roped off. 

! Welcome back !


At last our church can be open for prayer and meditation 

Our church  will be open each week day

Sue or Peter  will be available  on Tuesday and Thursday  from  10;00 to 11:00

 We are sorry but for now we need to have a few ground rules to keep us all safe :-

  • Please wash your hands with sanitiser when you enter and leave the church.
  • All of the prayers are provided for your use, but  please take away any paper that you handle.
  • Only use the chairs provided in the chancel
  • Please do not use the kitchen or toilets  
  • Please do not move furniture
  • The church is cleaned frequently  but please make our job easier by keeping out of the roped off areas and touching surfaces and handles sparsely.
  • Please observe social distancing of 2 metres with any others in Church at the same time as you.
  • Please do not use any of the permanent books on the shelves or touch toys  or other equipment.